Knockeen Hills also produces Elderflower Gin & Irish Poteen also with G.I. Spirit Status protection from the EU.

A super-premium quintuple distilled traditional London Cut Dry Gin. The botanicals are organic juniper berries and organic coriander, first used in gin production in the 16th Century, together with natural Angelica Root and Savory which both appeared in the 17th Century, followed by natural Heather appearing in the last century.

These traditional botanicals infused with the gin's own exclusive Irish Whey Distillate, provide a unique and noticeable smoother delivery of spirit on the palate. This clean, clear, transparent spirit drink also contains only a minute amount of congeners at 0.024%

'London Cut' is a description, reserved for gin where the botanicals have been cut and distilled in London; the traditional historic centre of gin distilling. This is one of a small and distinguished group to qualify for this prestigious hallmark of quality.

London Cut Gin Bottles
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We reccomend only using tonic brands that only use pure sugar and do not use saccharin.


Knockeen Hills also produces an award winning Elderflower Gin. Click below.

Elderflower Gin Bottle

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A contemporary design, crisp, clean, premium bottle and label has been carefully selected.

The botanicals are steeped in the spirit for at least 24 hours; a process that improves their complexity within the gin.  They are selected for lightness, flavour and fragrance, and enabled with the addition of natural heather. The result, a truly outstanding boutique Gin, dispensing with the addition of lemon, for a traditional G & T.

Knockeen Hills also produces a range of ultra-premium triple and quadruple-distilled high strength Irish Poteens up to 90% vol. This range was awarded over 10 Medals including a GOLD MEDAL at International Wine & Spirit Competitions.

At the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge of the USA, our Farmers Strength was awarded 92 points with the ACCOLADE: EXCELLENT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen

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